Welcome to the website of Quality Colors
The most colourful dry decoration company for the flower and plant industry. We as a dried flowers wholesaler and dried decoration wholesaler offer a wide range of various dried Decorative grasses like pampas, Cortederias and Stypha to various types of Grains and other beautiful types of dried flowers. We offer our products in natural and dyed with biodegradable paint in the most beautiful trendy colours.
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Quality Colors B.V.

Welcome to the website of Quality Colors.

The most colourful dried flowers wholesaler and dry decoration wholesaler for the flower and plant industry.

As wholesale company for dried flowers and dried decoration, we offer you a wide range of beautiful natural decorative products that we source from all over the world.

Thanks to our personal service and various options for adding value to our products, we are thé wholesale company for dried flowers and the wholesale importer of dried flowers and natural dried decoration you can turn to with all your questions.

We focus on the business market where we supply our trade to flower wholesalers / exporters / garden centres / Cash and Carry / florists / decoration shops and decorators and designers at home and abroad.

If you would like to know more about the possibilities we could offer you, please contact us using our contact form.

Dried flowers

Dried flowers and dyed dried flowers

Quality Colors has its roots in dried flowers, for over 20 years our company has specialised in the drying and dyeing of dried flowers.

100% natural!

With the ever-growing demand for natural and sustainable organically grown products, the demand for dried flowers is also on the rise, after all, dried flowers are 100% natural.

Because we dye our dried flowers with water-based organic pigments, the products keep their natural look and also do not harm the environment.

Find out what we can offer you regarding dried flowers and what wonderful things you can create with these beautiful products.

Winter / Christmas

Christmas and winter are of course the perfect time to make your home cosy!

With our dry decoration products, this is a breeze!

With our options for adding value, we can give the products a warm colour tone or a freezing tone!

For example, create a real winter look with our products provided with an artificial snow layer or create a real glamorous Christmas look with beautiful Christmas colours and a shiny glitter layer.

Discover the possibilities in our webshop or ask for more information.

Spring / Summer decoration

Spring means new beginnings, and new beginnings require fresh and cheerful colours.
We wouldn’t be Quality Colors if we didn’t also provide our dried flowers and the other dried decoration products we offer with cheerful fresh colours.
By dyeing with organic paint, we also do no harm to the environment and you can enjoy these cheerful colours wholeheartedly.

Our dried flowers and dried decoration products are a treat by themselves but with our fresh spring colours they are a complete joy!
Take a quick look in our webshop and be surprised.

Autumn decoration

The leaves are falling from the trees and the temperature outside is slowly dropping.
It is time to make the house cosy and warm again.

Our dried flowers and dried decoration products are sure to bring atmosphere and cosiness into your home to spend the cold days indoors again!
With our wide range of natural dried flowers or Amazon products, you will create a very warm natural autumn atmosphere.

Discover which products we can offer you for autumn in natural or dyed colours.

Take a quick look in our webshop.

Decoration materials

Quality Colors offers you a very wide range of dyed dried flowers and dried decoration materials.

From various types of plumes to various types of potpouri to various finishing materials to style your arrangements.

Discover our diversity of decoration products quickly in our webshop.