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We are the most colorful decoration company in the flora industry.
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Quality Colors B.V.

Welcome to the website of Quality Colors.

The most colourful dried decoration company for the flower and plants industry.

Through our personal service and various options to create added value to the products we consider ourselves the wholesaler / importer of choice were you can go to with all your questions about natural decoration.

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We offer a wide variety of natural dried decoration products for an attractive price because we import the products from all over the whole world ourselves. Our webshop is shielded and exclusively accessible to wholesalers, exporters and garden centers.

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Dried flowers

A bit of nostalgia in a new guise.

Maybe some people remember from the old days grandma had dried flowers in a vase in front of the window… .. Well they are back in a new version!

Quality Colors offers you the Dutch dried flowers in its natural version or painted in beautiful colors. Discover what you can make with it.

Winter / Christmas

Brr… winter products

Spring / Summer

A new season with fresh and colorful products for spring and summer.


The leaves fall from the trees and it’s time to make it feel cozy at home again. Discover our beautiful autumn products.

Decoration materials

The most beautiful plumes in gorgeous colours and varying decoration materials. Discover them in our webshop.