What does our stock look like?

We offer a wide variety of natural dried decoration products for an attractive price because we import the products from over the whole world ourselves.

Aside from the popular Dutch dried flower products, you’ll also find the most exotic natural dry decorations in varying versions like our amazon products, pepperberries, platane balls, shells, garlands, ground coverers, bouquet picks and a lot more products.

What else do we offer?

Apart from the fact that we offer products in their natural beauty, we also provide the possibility to add extra details and valuables through our own production line. This method guarantees fully customizable products for our clients.

The customized products we deliver to our clients are provided with extra value focussed on the wishes of the client

The added values we provide are:

Long story short: We have added values for all seasons.

All used materials are certificated.


We offer every client the possibility to mention what kind of packaging they prefer before we pack the products.

This results in products that are immediately ready to be sold by our clients. We naturally try to stimulate our clients always to try to use as little plastic as possible to save the environment. 

Our clientele varies from Dutch exporters and Cash & Carry’s to world wide wholesalers, European supermarkets, retailers and garden centers.