A chunk of history

Quality Colors was founded in 1998 by the gentlemen A.J Houwaart and C. van der Plas. Both men originate from the dried flower branch so they both had enough knowledge and knowhow to set up a dried flower company.

Originally, the company focussed on filling in the Dutch dry flower scene, but after quite some time the company started focussing on the import of other organic decoration products from different parts of the world.

By processing and editing these products and providing them with various benefits values, the pallet of customers became more extensive. 

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We offer a wide variety of natural dried decoration products for an attractive price because we import the products from all over the whole world ourselves. Our webshop is shielded and exclusively accessible to wholesalers, exporters and garden centers.

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Where are we now?

Quality Colors is now 20 years older and has developed from dried flower producer and dye specialist to all-round supplier with an outstanding wide and extensive product range. 

Quality Colors has about ± 25 employees who focus on developing new organic decoration materials and producing a broad product range of numerous organic and natural decoration products all year round. This method makes Quality Colors capable of offering the most beautiful decoration products with gorgeous colors for a very affordable price. 

Take a look at our showroom in which we’d like to show you all the different theme decoration products that we have to offer such as spring, summer, autumn, winter and Christmas.