Dried flowers and Painted Dried Flowers

how it works....

Every year around the beginning of March after the winter period, the dried flowers are sown and the first dried flower varieties are harvested around the end of May.

Until around the end of August, these dried flower varieties drizzle in daily.

As soon as the dried flowers are harvested, the drying process begins.

During the drying process, it is very important that the colour and quality of the products are optimally preserved. We do this by hanging the flowers upside down on trolleys and drying them at the right temperature as quickly as possible.

Each product has a different drying time depending on its thickness and structure some products are dry within two days while others need at least a week or even longer to dry properly.

By properly arranging the drying trolleys with dried flowers in our spacious drying rooms, with large fans ensuring the right temperature and humidity, we can distribute all the energy properly and dry large numbers of dried flowers daily without losing valuable energy.

The drying process is followed by the post-drying process in which the flowers must first acclimatise, again at the right temperature and humidity.

After this acclimatisation process, the products are ready to be packed or to be further treated, e.g. with a nice colour.

We colour our products using water-based raw materials and not only do they maintain their natural look but also ensure that we do not damage the environment.

From pretty pastel colours to trendy summer colours to glamorous Gold and Silver, you can make it as exciting as you want, we make it!

The new Dutch dried flower season is in full swing !

The first new dried flowers from Dutch soil are available again !

Take a quick look in our webshop at the different species and colour varieties we currently offer.

As we also import products from various other parts of the world, you will be amazed at what we have to offer!

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A little inspiration!

A little bit of inspiration
A little bit of inspiration…….A beautiful sheaf of corn on your sideboard a real eye-catcher!

Painted dried flowers or natural dried flowers with both you can make the most beautiful arrangements.

Dutch dried flowers a unique piece of splendour of Dutch soil which is suitable for everyone and for every season and is produced by us in all kinds of varieties especially for you.

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