Pampas Cortederia Plumes

Quality Colors offers a very large selection of plumes that are currently very trendy.
We offer our Pampas Cortederia plumes in Natural and in beautiful dyed trendy colours with our organic paint.
We import our Pampas Cortederia plumes from all over the world where we are always looking for the most special varieties.
For example, we have the Pampas Cortederia Arundo plumes which we have available in various sizes and which are a real eye-catcher in every room! These plumes are special because of their size in length but also because of the size of the plume itself.

Stypha Penata Decorative grass

Our Stypa penata grasses are of exceptional quality! These soft, fluffy tufts are very suitable for use in the most beautiful creations!
We have our own production line of this stypa penata, which allows us to guarantee the quality of this product. To make this product as easy as possible to handle, we have bound it as a tuft. We offer this super cute product in both natural and various beautiful colours!